Smart boxes come to Fashion!

An ultimate set of tools, allowing Fashion retailers to organize fast
and extremely cost efficient logistics chain with multi SKU packaging


SIZEGRID is a set of tools, allowing Fashion retailers to organize fast and extremely cost efficient logistics chain with multi SKU packaging. 

By packing multiple article colors and sizes into same factory cartons, companies can avoid significant costs of single goods processing in warehouses. SIZEGRID makes this approach safe and convenient. 

Using advanced mathematics, SIZEGRID solution finds ideal combinations of factory boxes, which satisfy given needs of stores and avoid supply of unnecessary SKUs. This results in no need to open the boxes and repack goods in distribution centers.

Features and business cases

Distribution of multi SKU factory prepacked packages

Goods distribution from distribution center to store at the beginning of season using manufacturers’ boxes with predefined content of articles and sizes. Content of each box can correspond to an average statistical consumptions of sizes / articles in a store. SIZEGRID can effectively combine the boxes to fit requirements of individual stores. In this way there is no need for piece by piece picking in a warehouse. Stores can be supplied by full boxes, which are much cheaper in warehouse processing.

Distribution of ad hock packed stores seasonal remains

Distribution of stores seasonal remains. These goods are taken out from stores in ad hoc boxes, packed by store employees. The boxes have nearly random content, which usually requires repacking in warehouse for furthe shipment to outlets or discounters. Companies try to reduce expensive warehouse operations with remains, because their sales price is apparently reduced. We help to avoid that providing sophisticated combining algorythms for meeting outlets’ and customers’ targets without repacking.

Packing recommendations for own distributions centers and 3PLs

A company wants to improve quality of goods packing in own warehouses. SIZEGRID has advanced algorithms, allowing packing recommendations basing on geometrical sizes of packed articles and volumes of available packaging. Recommended packaging is communicated automatically to SAP resulting to ‘handling units’ creation in SAP delivery documents.

Forecasting of expected number of cartons or pallets for customers’ sales orders

This case is not strictly tightened to Fashion retail industry. Company customers request far before physical shipment a forecast of expected package unit numbers and volumes. Apart of knowing preselected package, SIZEGRID has advanced algorithms for an effective packing proposal calculation and therefore forecasting of expected packages.

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